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Antique Acquisitions, LLC, can provide a variety of services determined by the clients situation. We can give you direction in how to best suit your needs. We want your experience to be stress free, without the worry on how to go foward with your old personal property. You deal only with the Auctioneer/CEO of Antique Acquisitions, LLC. Everything is really determined by your circumstance. Give us a call to set up an appointment. We can conduct high end catalog auctions, routine discovery auctions, and on site estate auctions.  

Should you decide to go the auction consignment route, your old items will be identified, photographed, assessed, and a monetary value range assigned. All items are then stored securely until the auction day. Antique Acquisitions, LLC, will then preview your items to the public. Proven marketing methods include Auctionzip.com and trade journals. Unlike the big name Auction Houses, we do not charge storage fees, photo fees, etc, yet still provide worldwide exposure of your old items for sale.

Antique Acquisitions, LLC, hallmark is doing quality auctions. Usually 200 lots or less per auction. If the estate is too large, then two auctions would be held on different dates.We limit the size of the auction for many reasons, but most importantly:

1) Quality items bring educated, focused, enthusiastic potential buyers.

2) Buyers get impatient, and leave when an auction exceeds 250 lots.

3) Antique Acquisitions, LLC, has quality control over inventory consignment, speeding up the items for sale process. 

4) The goal of Antique Acquisitions, LLC is to keep the consignors and buyers satisfied.


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